Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 10 Assignment

This week, I commented on an opinion essay that a student in Mrs. Goerend's class wrote about how 30 min breaks should be given in middle school and high school. I thought the student had a very good point. You can find his essay and my comment here.

Morgan Bayda and Dan Brown "An Open Letter to Educators"

I would have to agree with both Morgan and Dan that University isn't really an environment that encourages interaction and networking and that students really just spend a lot of time memorizing facts. It is different in a few classes. EDM 310 of course encourages us to interact with other students. I would have to disagree with the idea that the lecture mode of learning is going extinct though. We still need professors to tell us facts so that we can memorize them. That shouldn't be the only part of our education, but it's a big part. Universities should be incorporating more technology into the classroom so that they can better prepare their students for the world they will be working in, but I don't think that the colleges I have attended have been doing such a bad job with that. I feel that, especially at Mat-Su College, students were encouraged to interact with their neighbors and to ask questions. I, of course, agree that the internet is an efficient way to network with others and to find and share useful information. Morgan was right about that.


  1. Hi Caitlyn,

    I'm glad to see you reflecting on what you saw in my post and Dan Brown's video. I appreciate your thoughts about the lecture mode of learning, also. I do consider that to be important in many cases. For example, in my EPSY class this semester, the topic is special needs education. My professor is very knowledgeable as she not only has her PHD in the area, but worked as a Learning Resource Teacher and Educational Psychologist for many years. I really appreciate learning from her experiences and stories, and find the class engaging. However, I'll note she also does a good job of not only lecturing, but engaging us in small and large group discussion, going through diagnostic processes, and doing activities.

    As with everything in life, I guess I am truly learning the value of having a healthy balance.

    Thanks for your thoughts,

  2. I agree with the fact that we need professors around to tell us the facts. If not it does become a "burp back" session. I would mych rather it the other way.

  3. Amber: Why do you need "professors around to tell us the facts"? Morgan said that she learned from her teacher's "experiences and stories." She also said she was effective in "engaging us in small and large group discussion, going through diagnostic processes, and doing activities." You can access facts on the internet. Learning what to look for, and how to process the "facts' you find, is the critical part of the educational process.

  4. I agree with you. I believe that professors are still needed to help guide our educational experience.

  5. I also agree that teachers are needed to help students succeed in the classroom.